Canada is the second largest country in the world with well-appreciated multiculturalism and a high standard of living, not to mention its richly diversified economy, sought-after natural resources and well-developed social programs. No wonder the United Nations votes Canada one of the best places to live in the world year after year. Inimex Inc. provides complete professional services to entrepeneurs and investors who wish to establish themselves in Canada.

Immigrants to Canada must pass a medical exam, provide a current police certificate, be able to support themselves and their family financially, and show proficiency in one or both official languages (French/English).

Summary of requirements:

I. Canada: Immigration for self-employed individuals

1. Possess management experience of at least two (2) years in your field,
2. Be able to employ yourself in sport, arts or farming activities,
3. Demonstrate ways in which you will contribute positively to the local economy.

II. Canada (Quebec): Immigration for investors

1. Own net assets of at least 1 600 000 $ CAN,
2. Intend to settle in Quebec,
3. Invest 800 000 $ CAN for a five-year term, guaranteed by the Government of Quebec

III. Canada (Ontario): Immigration for investors

1. Own net assets of at least 3 000 000 $ CAN,
2. Intend to settle in Ontario,
3. Employ at least five (5) people, including yourself, in commercial, industrial or farming activities.

IV. Canada (Alberta): Immigration for farmers

Those with experience in farm management who intend on and are able to buy and manage a farm in Alberta.

V. Canada (Saskatchewan): Immigration programs

There are four (4) available programs:

1. Skilled workers and professionals with a minimum three (3) years’ experience in a relevant field,
2. Those with documented experience in farm ownership and operations and with a net worth of 500 000 $CAD with a mandatory deposit of 75 000 $CAD must be made to the province (such deposit will be refunded upon fulfilling initial obligations),
3. Entrepreneurs with a minimum net worth of 300 000 $CAD with intent on settling in Saskatchewan, invest a minimum of 150 000 $CAD locally and depositing 75 000 $CAD to the province (refundable upon fulfilling initial obligations).
4. Large scale investors who intend to invest a minimum of 10 000 000 $CAD will get priority processing.

VI. Canada (B.C.): Immigration for investors and entrepreneurs

1. Qualify as a highly-skilled individual (manager, professional or skilled trades people), an investor or an entrepreneur,
2. The BC Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) offers accelerated immigration for foreign workers and entrepreneurs intending to live permanently in B.C., demonstrate the ability to become economically established and make a significant contribution to B.C.,
3. Sign a performance agreement which will result in a two-year work permit;
4. Arrive in B.C. on a work permit and complete items 1 to 4 below;

  4.1. Meet minimum net worth requirements,
  4.2. Make minimum investment,
  4.3. Be actively involved in the daily management of the business,
  4.4. Create jobs for Canadian citizens or permanent residents.


Several options are available:

1. Entrepreneur category (either start new business, buy or expand existing one):

  1.1. Min. net worth of 800,000$ CAD,
  1.2. Min. investment of 400,000$ CAD,
  1.3. Create at least 3 jobs


2. Regional entrepreneur category:

  2.1. Min. net worth of 400,000$ CAD,
  2.2. Min. investment of 200,000$ CAD,
  2.3. Create at least 1 job.


3. Strategic project category (open operations in B.C.):

  3.1. Min. investment of 500,000$ CAD,
  3.2. Assign 5 key staff members,
  3.3. Create at least 3 jobs.


4. Regional business succession option:

  4.1. Purchase and manage existing B.C. business located outside Vancouver and Abbotsford,
  4.2. Receive priority processing and reduced job creation requirements.


5. Farming business option:

  5.1. Start new or purchase and manage existing B.C. farm,
  5.2. Includes feasibility assessment prepared by eligible consultant approved by the Ministry of Agriculture.


Investors must be investment-ready, with business ownership or management experience. They must be able to establish themselves in B.C. and invest in a new or existing business that will employ Canadian citizens or permanent residents, providing significant economic benefits to B.C.

VII. Canada: Citizenship, if you

1. Have permanent resident status;
2. Have lived in Canada for at least four (4) of the last six (6) years,
3. Not have a criminal history,
4. Demonstrate adequate knowledge of one of the two official languages (French or English),
5. Pass the citizenship test, including proper knowledge of Canada’s history, values, etc.


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