Isle of Man is a coveted place for entrepreneurs, investors as well as artists, writers and composers. Inimex Inc. (International Immigration Experts) is a group of specialists with a deep understanding of the sinuous path to immigration of this island. Knowledgeable immigration attorneys, real estate agents, translators, financial advisors, and other specialists allow Inimex Inc. to dispense a complete range of high-level professional and expeditious services.

The following is a summary of the steps and details related to immigration to the Isle of Man:

I. Isle of Man: Immigration for entrepreneurs

1. Score at least 75 points on a questionnaire – contact us for help in calculating and understanding this first step,
2. Show viable and credible business plan to either establish a new business, join, or take-over an existing business in Isle of Man with a minimum investment of £200,000,
3. Hold a valid entry clearance for the previously mentioned intended purpose,
4. Possess written consent from sponsoring government and related documents,
5. Be registered with local police,
6. Be solely implicated in your company’s activities on a full-time basis and not seek employment or recourse of public funds on Isle of Man,

It should be noted that leave to remain on Isle of Man is valid for 3 years and 4 months.

II. Isle of Man: Immigration for investors

1. Score at least 75 points in attributes on a questionnaire as a high-worth individual – contact us for help in calculating and understanding this step,
2. Sincerely intend to invest at least £2,000,000 on Isle of Man and show that such funds are currently available for this purpose,
3. Lawfully reside on Isle of Man for a continuous period of five (5) years,
4. Hold a valid ‘investor’ clearance,
5. Show satisfactory knowledge of the English language.

III. Isle of Man: Immigration for artists, writers, and composers

1. Either possess a diploma issued by a recognized institution showing qualifications for which the applicant is established outside Isle of Man as a writer, composer, or artist (literary, music or artistic merit),
2. Intend to work in your field,
3. Financially sustained yourself and your family for the past year and must be able to continue to do so,

Please note that indefinite leave to remain may be granted to migrants above-described provided they:

1. Adhere to the conditions required for immigration as stated in the preceding various categories,
2. Business, investment or artistic activity under which they qualified are still properly in place and they are currently still actively and personally pursuing such activity,
3. Are not in breach of Isle of Man immigration laws,
4. Are still actively involved in the field for which they were granted leave to remain and are still able to financially support themselves and any accompanying family members,
5. Show satisfactory knowledge of the English language.

IV. Isle of Man: Citizenship by naturalisation, if you

1. Have lived in Isle of Man continuously for at least five (5) years,
2. Have sufficient knowledge of the English language,
3. Attend a naturalization ceremony and pledge to be loyal and respect the rights, freedoms, and democratic values of the United Kingdom.


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