Inimex Inc. provides a complete array of professional immigration services to persons interested in establishing themselves in Gibraltar under the High Net Worth Individuals program (HNWI – category 2 – LN. 2004/070). For these individuals, the maximum taxable income is £80,000 per year with any additional income being free of taxation.

I. Gibraltar: Immigration for wealthy individuals

1.  Own residential property sufficient to accommodate yourself and your family,
2.  Bank certificate showing available funds of £2,000,000 or more, accompanied by a letter of reference from the issuing bank,
3. Documented proof of sufficient income to support yourself and your family,
4. Private medical insurance for yourself and your family (annual coverage of approx. £100,000).

II. Gibraltar: Residency card (valid one (1) year and renewable annually)

1. Maintain conditions detailed above,
2. Application for civilian registration,
3. Account statement from a bank in Gibraltar.

III. Gibraltar: Citizenship by naturalisation, if you

1. Have lived in Gibraltar continuously for five (5) years,
2. Have sufficient knowledge of the English language,
3. Pass the Citizenship Test.


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